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Citra-Lock 4% is recommended in the European Renal Best Practice Guidelines (ERBP) and the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN).

Citra locks have been extensively studied.
4% offers the best benefit/risk ratio.

Citra-Lock is effective in maintaining catheter patency.

Trisodium Citrate 4% (TSC) works as an anti-coagulant and decreases the incidence of infection.

Clinical advantage of Citra-Lock 4% (compared to heparine)

  • safe
  • avoids heparin-associated bleeding
  • improves reliability of INR assyas (prothrombin time – time/international normalised ratio)
  • safe for heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT patients)
  • no side effects
  • reduction of tPA use
  • better outcomes over catheter exchange
  • reduction of hospitalization
  • cost efficient

Increase Safety & Simplified handling

The Citrate lock is based on tri-sodium citrate and can be safely used in all catheters!

  • Citra-Lock™ 5ml vials 4% – 30% -46,7%
  • Citra-Lock™S 3ml (prefilled syringe) 4% – 30% -46,7%

 Citra-Lock™S prefilled syringe

Citra-Lock™ 4%      *Twin-Pack  Art.nr. 24060204
Citra-Lock™ 30%    *Twin-Pack  Art.nr. 24060205
Citra-Lock™ 46,7% *Twin-Pack  Art.nr. 24060206
*2x 2.5ml

Servo-Dental from Hagen, Germany, has been developing and manufacturing top quality products for the dental practice and laboratory.
Servo-Dental is appreciated for its flexibility, which also includes customized technical solutions, highest product quality and excellent technical support.


Servo-Dental has many years of experience in manufacturing implants, abutments and accessories. Based on this experience Servo-Dental not only produces two implant systems under its own brand name, but also products for external clients.

Trias and ixx2 implant systems

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Medbone® – Biomaterials

Our company was founded in 2008, with the purpose to fill a gap in the market in the area of synthetic bone graft manufacturing.

Our Biomaterials are commercialized worldwide, being used in more than 90 countries, in orthopedic, dental and veterinary surgeries.

Medbone is constantly expanding the range of applications, in order to respond to the growing needs of health professionals through the development of new medical devices. We are focused on a constant innovation, with the help of our R&D department, with protected industrial property.

Biomaterials, engineering life. ®

Welcome to our World


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&A Medical is a Norwegian company specialized in manufacturing dental consumables for the Dental sector. We manufacture all our Dental materials from Norway.

Our Mission is

To be the leading manufacturing company in the dental field in the world.
To deliver ultimate quality and value in our products, programs and services.
Create a network of distributors and representative offices worldwide so that our products can be available in every corner of the world.

Precision is our passion

We live and breathe quality – no ifs and buts about that. Working to such an exceptionally high standard of quality, F&A medical has succeeded in making a good name for itself. Attributes such as reliability, precision and authenticity are of prime importance to us. With optimally trained teams of staff, state-of-the-art machinery, and safe, efficient production processes, we are constantly engaged in what is most important to us: ensuring the lasting, 100% satisfaction of our customers.

F&A Medical has today

Dealers in many different countries and we are always looking for new dealers and new partners to work with us.

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veol logo

Versator – Patented Tissue Morcellator : A Patented tissue morcellation device is developed for Biomedicon Services, an emerging market specialist. The device is more powerful and efficient but cost effective compared to the other morcellation devices in the market. The device has touch interface, a 10 times reusable rotor cord and single use disposable handpiece


  1. We are working in this field since 1984.
  2. We have our own forging unit due to this we are capable to produce any item and it also helps us to maintain the prices low than our competitors.
  3. We are fully equipped with advance machinery and skilled manpower.
  4. We always keep up our quality according to the world required standards.
  5. We always offer most economical prices (100% profitable) and quality products which enable our worthy customers to compete all their competitors in their domestic market.
  6. Prompt delivers within stipulated time frame.
  7. An ISO-9001:2015, ISO-13485:2016, CE MARK, CGMP FDA (U.S.A) certified company which can provide the quality you think about.