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Catheter lock solution, anti-clotting and antimicrobial is one of the innovations from Dirinco.

Citra-Lock™ is recommended in the European Renal Best Practice Guidelines (ERBP) and the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN).

  • Citra locks have been extensively studied.
  • Citra-Lock is effective in maintaining catheter patency.

The Citrate lock is based on tri-sodium citrate and can be safely used in all catheters!

  • Citra-Lock™ 4%
  • Citra-Lock™S
  • Citra-Lock™ 30%
  • Citra-Lock™ 46,7%


Thermablate EAS is a lightweight, fully automated, portable medical device used to carry out Global Endometrial Ablation. Global Ablation works to destroy the endometrial layer of the uterus, thus reducing or completely eliminating menstrual flow. The device is entirely self-contained, requires minimal set-up, and plugs directly into an electrical wall outlet for immediate use.
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Servo-Dental from Hagen, Germany, has been developing and manufacturing top quality products for the dental practice and laboratory.
Servo-Dental is appreciated for its flexibility, which also includes customized technical solutions, highest product quality and excellent technical support.

Gubbini System

Advantages of the Mini Hystero-Resectoscope Manufactured and designed by Tontarra elaborated in close co-operation withDr. Gubbini The Gubbini Mini Hyste ro-Resectoscope offers a multitude of options for non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutical Gynecology. The Gubbini Mini Hystero-Re sectoscope System allows both, hysteroscopy and resectoscopy. Reduced diameter of the shaft.



DINIES – New business field of UV Technology
In 1984 the company had the first contact with the UV Technology through a customer order to develop and produce an EPROM-ERASER based on the UV Technology. With the further development of such appliances the company became very soon a leading manufacturer of EPROM-ERASER. With the fast development of UV sensitive paints and coatings for industrial use, new appliances such as drying chambers has been developed and produced. Also the first activities with ozone applications has been started.
DINIES – New generation
In the year 2005 the company was transferred to Dipl.-Ing Cajus Dinies, with the purpose of further expanding both core business fields of the EMS-Service and the UV technology.
In particular, the new technologies and application scopes of the UV technology provides a good basis for an innovative company policy
DINIES – New production site
With the rapid expansion of the UV and EMS business, the production capacity at the
old manufacturing has become too small, so in January 2012 we had the opportunity to move ina
nearby located manufacturing site, with 1000sqm production area.


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Versator – Patented Tissue Morcellator : A Patented tissue morcellation device is developed for Biomedicon Services, an emerging market specialist. The device is more powerful and efficient but cost effective compared to the other morcellation devices in the market. The device has touch interface, a 10 times reusable rotor cord and single use disposable handpiece